Vali Spa


You studied to be an esthetician and do not know how to start?

Are you an esthetician and want to be part of Vali Skincare & Makeup?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then you are looking for:
  • Independence in your business with a corporate image.
  • Receive assistance in finding a suitable space to open your studio.
  • Have the support to design a cozy and pleasant studio.
  • You don’t want to make a million dollar investment to independently develop your profession.
  • Have your business alone or with a partner that allows your initial financial commitments to be balanced out with your income. In other words, you are looking to share the expenses of a studio, of which you will be part of and once you achieve a reasonable occupation you will be able to open another studio to achieve 100% of your independence and start directing your skin and beauty care professionals…. In your own business.
  • Have a list of suppliers of furniture, equipment, products and consumables that facilitate the opening and operation of your business.
  • Have an adequate pricing scheme that gives greater value to the services provided
  • Receive training and material to learn how to sell your services.
  • Have a beautiful website where you can promote your services.
  • Offer your clients the possibility of making their appointments online according to your availability at work and family hours.
  • Have a credit card payment platform.
  • Have an application to keep the records and history of your customers.
  • To be able to offer their clients fully automated membership and loyalty programs.
  • Documented protocols for each service you offer.
  • Enjoy discounts from the main supplier of products with which you carry out treatments and offer home care, without the need to manage large inventories.
  • Initial training and continuous updating of professional training.
  • Have a friendly tool for the control, report and analysis of sales, inventory, administration of services, clients, loyalty program and direct marketing.
  • Be  able to offer physical Gift Cards or eGifCard.
  • Receive assistance for the opening of the main Social Media accounts as well as the art works and texts for their periodicals at no additional cost.
  • Enjoy an stock of images to make your own publications in the main social media applications.
  • Have the design of the opening campaign for their Studio as well as a promotion and advertising program for each year.
  • Support in the development of your first advertising campaign in Google and educational material, as well as, the link with Google staff who will assist you in the configuration and performance of your ads at no additional cost.
  • Have promotional material printed and digital of promotions, having to edit only the phone number and location data.
  • Have a Corporate email address at no additional cost.
  • Have available formats and script for common responses to customer inquiries.

Contact us and as soon as we be ready to grow we will contact you.